Sunday, August 12, 2007

Peter Brötzmann - Right As Rain (Dedicated To Werner Lüdi) [2001]

01. Watchamacallit
02. The Rain Went on and On
03. Not Tonight or Any Night
04. Go on for Long in Any Way
05. There Were Tears in Her Eyes
06. Twist, Turn and Leave
07. Death Whistles
08. Do Not Remove
09. Wisdom Fattens the Soul of Men
10. Right as Rain

Avant-Garde Misc Jazz
Peter Brötzmann , a german free jazz musician/saxophonist.
Not to confound with  his son Caspar Brötzmann, the guitarist.
Try it out for your self, same as the records by his son.

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intempestif said...

Hi, I just downloaded the rar file of Brotzman's "Right As Rain" but the password you provided doesn't seem to work. Could you help me sort this out please. Cheers