Sunday, April 6, 2008

Terminated (!)

Hey folks!

Sorry for the long delay on this Blogsite.

I'll do it shortly:
This Blog is no more, so that means i don't have much time to post updates/music in the future that's why i ended up here.

So so, grab what you still can and enjoy.

For more music please visit The Shape of Chaos to Come , which has lots of other impressive stuff to offer. You'll find a huge update on this Blog.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Mantra [1990]

01. 00'00"
02. 02'15"
03. 06'38"
04. 11'38"
05. 17'23"
06. 20'00"
07. 24'44"
08. 29'53"
09. 34'15"
10. 37'50"
11. 42'40"
12. 47'10"
13. 53'20"
14. 56'33"
15. 60'15"
16. 65'20"
17. 69'30"

Electronic Music
Karlheinz Stockhausen (born August 22, 1928) is a German composer, and one of the most important and controversial composers of the 20th century. He is best known for his ground-breaking work in electronic music and controlled chance in serial composition. (Kwote:

Kapotte Muziek - The Malevolent Ear [1995]

01. Disconnection
02. 2 Van 4
03. Muster
04. (Re) R-Invest
05. To Close To Harmony
06. Manipulation Muzak 1
07. Manipulation Muzak 2
08. The Obedient Noise

Kapotte Muziek is the musical improvisation project of Frans de Waard, Peter Duimelinks and Roel Meelkop. Active since 1984, it is one of the most internationally visible improvisation and experimental project hailing from the Netherlands. They have about fifty releases in various formats (from CDs, to cassettes, from vinyls to CD-Rs) on various labels. (Kwote:

Sun Ra - Sound Sun Pleasure [1992]

01. Round Midnight
02. You Never Told Me That You Care
03. Hour Of Parting
04. Back In Your Own Backyard
05. Enlightenment
06. I Could Have Danced All Night
07. Deep Purple (with Stuff Smith)
08. Piano Interlude
09. Can This Be Love
10. Dreams Come True
11. Don't Blame Me
12. 'S Wonderful
13. Lover Come Back To Me


Eluvium - Copia [2007]

01. Amreik
02. Indoor Swimming At The Space Station
03. Seeing You Off The Edges
04. Prelude For Time Feelers
05. Requiem On Frankfort Ave.
06. Radio Ballet
07. (Intermission)
08. After Nature
09. Reciting The Airships
10. Ostinato
11. Hymn #1
12. Repose In Blue

Modern Classic/Ambient

Hair & Skin Trading Company - Jo In Nine G Hell [1992]

01. Elevenate
02. Flat Truck
03. Torque
04. Monkies
05. Kak
06. Where's Gala
07. Ground Zero
08. $1000 Pledge
09. The Final Nail
10. Pipeline

Avant Garde Rock/Shoegaze
The Hair and Skin Trading Company is a United Kingdom drone / avant-noise group formed in 1991 by ex Loop members Neil Mackay (vocals/bass) and John Wills (drums). Joined by ex-Savage Opera guitarist Nigel Webb, they released their debut album Jo in Nine G Hell on Beggars Banquet in 1992. Their first two albums the bear influences of My Bloody Valentine, and The Skids, while the vocal delivery can be compared to The Fall's Mark E Smith.[1] By third album, 1995's Faust like Psychedelische Musique, The Hair and Skin Trading Company had dispensed with all conventional rock elements, and few of its songs bear titles; instead are denoted by letters or symbols. (Kwote:

Leonard Cohen - Songs Of Love And Hate [1968]

01. Avalanche
02. Last Year's Man
03. Dress Rehearsal Rag
04. Diamonds In The Mine
05. Love Calls You By Your Name
06. Famous Blue Raincoat
07. Sing Another Song, Boys
08. Joan Of Arc

Folk Rock/Other
Songs of Love and Hate is one of Leonard Cohen's most emotionally intense albums -- which, given the nature of Cohen's body of work, is no small statement. While the title Songs of Love and Hate sums up the album's themes accurately enough, it's hardly as simple as that description might lead you to expect -- in these eight songs, "love" encompasses the physical ("Last Year's Man"), the emotional ("Famous Blue Raincoat"), and the spiritual ("Joan of Arc"), and the contempt in songs like "Dress Rehearsal Rag" and "Avalanche" is the sort of venom that can only come from someone who once cared very deeply. The sound of the album is clean and uncluttered, and for the most part the music stays out of the way of the lyrics, which dominate the songs. (Kwote:

Friday, August 17, 2007

Autechre - Chiastic Slide [1997]

01. Cipater
02. Rettic Ac
03. Tewe
04. Cichli
05. Hub
06. Calbruc
07. Recury
08. Pule
09. Nuane


DJ Krush - Meiso [1995]

01. Only the Strong Survive  (Featuring - C.L. Smooth)
02. Anticipation (4:45)
03. What's Behind Darkness?
04. Meiso (Featuring - Black Thought , Malik B.)
05. Bypath 1
06. Blank
07. Ground (Featuring - Deflon Sallahr)
08. Bypath 2
09. Most Wanted Man (Featuring - Big Shug , Guru)
10. Bypath 3
11. 3rd Eye
12. Oce 9504
13. Duality (Scratches, Drum Programming - DJ Shadow)
14. Bypath - Would You Take It?

Hip Hop/Instrumental/Electronic
DJs like Krush don't make it easy for MCs to keep rap music primarily a tapestry for vocalists, as it's often perceived. DJ Krush doesn't write lyrics, he doesn't rap, he doesn't even understand English. But this renowned Japanese turntable maestro creates richly detailed and expansive tracks that, vocal or not, ooze hip-hop.

Perhaps to gel with American notions of what constitutes hip-hop, Meiso, his third album, features guest appearances by well-known rappers like C.L. Smooth, Guru, and the Roots on four of the album's fourteen, otherwise instrumental cuts. Though the MCs perform admirably and provide welcome human contact, the raps seem mostly like an afterthought, even a hindrance to the music's ebb and flow. There's never any doubt the star of Meiso is Krush, who imbues his electronic collages with mystical soul. (Kwote:

Whitehouse - Racket [2007]

01. Fairground Muscle Twitcher
02. Mouthy Battery Beast
03. Dumping More Fucking Rubbish
04. The Avalanche
05. Bahnhof
06. Dyad
07. Bia Mintatu