Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jazzkammer - Timex [1999]

01. Silver Spider Morning
02. Neon Express
03. Bullets For Breakfast
04. Elevator Necklace
05. Strain
06. Bacteria Less Thermo
07. Ghosts Made Of Paper
08. Happy New Year

Crackling like electrified air and storms is what happens next. The end of vinyl? The world? Like the naked man cooking bacon, it surges forth, grumbling and grunting slightly. And then, as an airplane at 40,000 feet, the sound mutes, and occasional scratching can be heard trying to rip apart various areas of your speaker cones. It's a surprisingly gentle series of sounds that threatens to destroy your hi-fi at any moment lest you step up the volume a bit. The crackles and hisses comes in steady waves, crashing on the shore of peripheral consciousness and eddying a bit before turning into waves of mercury, or liquid helium.  (Kwote:

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