Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hair & Skin Trading Company - Jo In Nine G Hell [1992]

01. Elevenate
02. Flat Truck
03. Torque
04. Monkies
05. Kak
06. Where's Gala
07. Ground Zero
08. $1000 Pledge
09. The Final Nail
10. Pipeline

Avant Garde Rock/Shoegaze
The Hair and Skin Trading Company is a United Kingdom drone / avant-noise group formed in 1991 by ex Loop members Neil Mackay (vocals/bass) and John Wills (drums). Joined by ex-Savage Opera guitarist Nigel Webb, they released their debut album Jo in Nine G Hell on Beggars Banquet in 1992. Their first two albums the bear influences of My Bloody Valentine, and The Skids, while the vocal delivery can be compared to The Fall's Mark E Smith.[1] By third album, 1995's Faust like Psychedelische Musique, The Hair and Skin Trading Company had dispensed with all conventional rock elements, and few of its songs bear titles; instead are denoted by letters or symbols. (Kwote:

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